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Turn "green" gears in green lighting

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China's industrial energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of the country's total energy consumption.
China's industrial energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of the country's total energy consumption. The chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions of industrial pollutants account for 37% and 87% of the national total. Therefore, the effectiveness of industrial energy conservation and emission reduction is directly related to whether the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” energy conservation and emission reduction targets can be achieved. The replacement of energy-saving equipment has become a necessary condition for enterprises to move forward and improve their competitiveness.
Philips Lighting, which is committed to providing comprehensive energy-saving lighting solutions for various industrial manufacturing fields, advocates the concept of “green factory” in the industrial industry, and advocates the use of energy-efficient lighting to create a green production environment for the industrial sector, helping enterprises to improve efficiency and green performance. Nanjing High Speed ​​Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nan Gao Tooth”), located in Nanjing Jiangning District Science Park, is a leading enterprise in domestic wind power transmission equipment. As a leader in the new energy industry, Nanjing Gaoyao has also continuously improved its energy efficiency, opening up the era of green manufacturing with more energy-efficient equipment. In Nanjing's high-toothed factory, Philips' green lighting brings bright, comfortable, safe and reliable lighting, creating a greener environment with more energy and environmental protection.
Green Gear 1: Durable, stable and worry-free lighting environment
For a large number of industries, in order to ensure a stable lighting environment, the factory needs to be lit for a long time, and some need to be kept bright 24 hours a day. If the lighting product fails prematurely, it will affect the visibility of the plant. Philips Lighting develops appropriate lighting solutions for the environmental characteristics of the plant. NGC has a number of high-rise buildings, all of which are more than 11 meters high. When replacing light sources and lamps, it is necessary to use machinery, which not only causes trouble but also affects production. Therefore, the choice of lighting products needs to take into account the reduction of maintenance and safety and stability. "According to the environmental characteristics of the plant, long-life, long-term stable and reliable operation is the primary condition for us to choose lighting equipment in the region." Kong Ruijun, director of the Technical Reform Office of Nanjing High-speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said in an interview.
Efficient and long-life energy-saving lighting solutions can greatly reduce the energy consumption and maintenance and replacement costs of the products after installation, thus reducing maintenance manpower and achieving more with less. In addition, voltage fluctuations can also affect the use of lighting equipment. Durable lighting ensures the uninterrupted production of the plant increases efficiency.
According to the lighting needs of the NGC plant, Philips Lighting selected the European standard metal halide lamp HPI as the main lighting source for the plant. At present, most of the factories in the five high-tech factories in Nanjing use the Philips European standard metal halide lamp HPI, which totals four to five thousand. The light color is natural, making the factory look bright and spacious, and long-lasting. Stable and reliable. The Philips HPE metal halide lamp has an HPI with an average life of 20,000 hours. What's more, the Philips Eurocoded Metal Halide Lamp HPI has excellent lumen maintenance, ensuring illumination during operation and reducing replacement and maintenance. The cost is especially suitable for use in high ceiling lighting environments.
Green Gear 2: Open the “Green Manufacturing” demonstration window with energy saving
Today, with increasing attention to environmental issues, “green manufacturing” has become a development trend in the manufacturing industry, and the equipment manufacturing industry is gradually entering a new “green” manufacturing track for energy conservation and emission reduction and energy efficiency. Lighting is part of the cost of industrial production. Choosing energy-efficient green lighting equipment can also play an important role in corporate revenue and expenditure. As an industry leader, Philips Lighting is committed to promoting green environmental protection, in order to reduce energy consumption, and strive to achieve the highest quality lighting with minimum energy consumption, providing a series of energy-saving lighting solutions for industrial lighting from light sources, lamps to control systems. , tailored application solutions for different industries. Director Kong said: "In terms of energy conservation, we advocate practical and effective. On the one hand, through the use of more energy-efficient lighting products in lighting equipment, I believe that high-end is not the best, mature products can bring the most effective Energy saving, on the other hand, needs to be accompanied by relevant energy-saving techniques, such as turning off the lights, making full use of natural light, etc."
In the past, the traditional lighting products used by NGC were usually 250W, 400W mercury lamps and 250W high-power energy-saving lamps. After the actual inspection and comparison, Philips European standard metal halide lamp HPI obtained Nangao with reliable quality assurance. The recognition of the teeth. Therefore, NGC has replaced the original 250W, 400W mercury lamp and 250W high-power energy-saving lamp with a 250W Philips Euro-standard metal halide lamp HPI in the factory. Comparing the three lamps with the same power as 250W, the mercury lamp consumes the most power when the same lighting effect is achieved. The Philips European standard metal halide lamp has higher luminous efficiency than mercury, and the energy saving effect is excellent; Compared with the lamps, the Philips European standard metal halide lamp is superior in terms of life. The life expectancy of the Philips European standard metal halide lamp HPI is up to 2 years, while the high-power energy-saving lamps are generally only about 6 months. From the actual effect of the Philips European standard metal halide lamp HPI used in the Nangao tooth plant, the Philips European standard metal halide lamp HPI brings a long-lasting and stable bright environment to the factory, and the workers' visual attention and work efficiency are also improved. .
To promote green manufacturing, we must first require the company's own production links to achieve universal energy conservation, and also need to improve the corresponding equipment level to improve the efficiency of enterprises from the aspects of manpower and stable production. After high-speed development and expansion, Chinese companies are paying more and more attention to improving their own level of green manufacturing, which has become the basic driving force for green lighting to gain development opportunities in the manufacturing industry. As a leading company in the field of energy-saving lighting, Philips uses high-quality green lighting to meet the needs of enterprises and bring energy-saving power to industrial enterprises. The implementation of Philips Lighting in the “Green Factory” of NGC, shows that lighting provides enterprises with cost-effectiveness and long-term stable production. Green lighting will also become the "gear" for the green manufacturing of rotating manufacturing companies, creating a steady stream of new productivity for industrial enterprises. (Source: Shanghai Hotline)
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